Where I End & You Begin

Light years apart, two private detectives investigate missing person cases: Polly is in a cafe interviewing a client who has been experiencing mysterious blanks ever since he met the girl of his dreams, and Whatshisname is tracking a missing woman in outer space. As Polly and Whatshisname negotiate their way through doppelgängers, impersonators and monstrous stand-ins, a powerful connection draws them together. Their two worlds merge, sucking in three innocent bystanders and transforming into a single destructive unreality. Everyone struggles to know where they end and someone else begins. Set in a double-universe where truth can only be found when nothing makes sense, Where I End & You Begin is two plays in the same space about the search for self and the complications of relationships.

Where I End & You Begin premiered in Canberra, Australia at The Street Theatre, October 2014

Playwright - Cathy Petőcz  /  Director - Caroline Stacey  /  Production Design - Imogen Keen  /  Lighting Designer - Gillian Schwab  /  Sound Designer - Kimmo Vennonen  /  Dramaturgy - Peter Matheson & Andrew Holmes  /  Cast - Raoul Craemer, Kate Hosking, Kabu Okai-Davies, Ylaria Rogers, and Dylan Van Den Berg

Where I End & You Begin was developed through The Hive and First Seen, The Street Theatre's new writing programs, and was supported by artsACT

Photos by Thorson Photography (Click image for more)