The Near and How

The Near and How is a three-part installation theatre work about intimacy in the enormity of our world. 

Created for You Are Here 2013 by designer Imogen Keen and writer/director Cathy Petőcz, the work plays with scale and distance to explore the notion of closeness with three different constructed spaces, each containing a live performance for a single audience member, and featuring two-dimensional masks and puppets. The Near and How offers audience an opportunity to peek into an alternate universe that is closer than expected.

Created by Imogen Keen and Cathy Petőcz  / Direction - Cathy Petőcz / Design - Imogen Keen /  Featuring: Tilda Barrie, Oscar Capezio, & Cathy Petőcz

Film by Caleb Thorson  /  Photography by Amanda Thorson